psychic abilities……….auras?

Questionspsychic abilities……….auras?
celexa Staff asked 10 years ago

ok so this is going to sound weird and if you are a skeptic just hit that little back arrow now. I know I have some sort of ability, i see spirits. but I really want to see auras, i looked it up and i think I might understand how to develop this further. So my question is: which color aura is easiest to see? I read somewhere that reading a pregnant woman’s aura is easy, is that true?

thank you, all answers are appreciated. No mean/inappropriate comments please
ok this is in the PARANORMAL category, which means something like without scientific explanation, not normal. also, to those of you that cannot follow directions, i clearly stated that i do not want answers from skeptics.

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celexa Staff answered 3 months ago

I know nothing about seeing colors of aura’s but more power to you my little medium.

Tomb Raider Staff answered 3 months ago

For more info on this,go to this will help you out as far as being able to read auras.

eri Staff answered 3 months ago

Auras are due to retinal fatigue – stare at anything long enough and you’ll start to see weird colors that aren’t really there. No camera actually picks anything up, and cameras are a lot more sensitive than our eyes. So no, auras don’t exist. Hey, post a question in the science section, you get a scientific answer. If you don’t want science next time, try the mythology section. Stating the truth is not mean, it’s just the truth.

Kimberly Staff answered 3 months ago

seeing auras take some time but every living thing has its own aura and it does change with your mood much like the old mood ring as an example. research the subject and practice we all have the ability

kjuliak Staff answered 3 months ago

hm…i don’t know which aura is easiest to see… have you tried reading your own aura? and about the pregnant women’s aura being easiest to see..i don’t really think so

Gul Staff answered 3 months ago

Try to concentrate b/w the eyes (3 eye) of other people and try to concentrate your energy at this point of yours, this is why early women used to put ‘bindi’.
Easiest color- I don’t know but when you see Aura you don’t have to concentrate on one color, you see every color present, I see black and then white and then other colors slowly.

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