4x Lim-Dul The Necromancer
4x Blight Speaker (I use this for dueling against Prevention Decks If not I use Waning Worms)
1x Phage The Untouchable
1x Avatar of Woe
4x Dark Ritual
2x Extirpate
1x Damnation
4x Diabolic Edict
4x Last Gasp
4x Terror
4x Dark Banishing
4x Dash Hopes
4x Sudden Death
1x Sudden Spoiling(I dont think I need this card.
18x Swamp
Total-60 Cards

Im thinking of replacing Lim-Dul with Debtors Knell
And Can someone please rate my deck Thanks.
Also give me tips to make this deck better.
Thanks Alot!!!!!!
Oh ya this is a anti creature deck.
just in case.