well i smoked alot of pot one night and tried one of the 3rd eye meditations and when i did i imagined the color indigo at the space between my eye brows like ive been told to do and then as it progressed for some reason i imagined geometric paterns expanding and at the same time contracting and at its peak i felt this HUGE pressure in my brain and i felt my forehead pulsating i felt very…. weird i felt almost fascinated and drawn back into everything i do and i thought ALOT about life and things to have realized alot but idont know if thats supposed to happen or not or was this all in my head and it was because i was high? lol
wow thanks Ariel you condescending whore, dont fu**ing tell me my brain was calling out for help and what i assume you criticizing me for marijuana use. can someone give me a straight answer? without being close-minded, ignorant, idiots?