Once, or twice, I was asleep when, I suddenly felt like a giant ball of helium, I floated, and was able to look around, and describe a couple of events to my friends that took place. Another time, I seen colors on someone, that must have been their aura. Another time, I seen a ghost of a living person. I drew cards once, and the first time, I picked my card followed by actual events, that were going on. Without going into more detail, I have taken a psych test, and am within the normal range. Should I get into dsome kind of energy work? If so, what? Also, have you had any experiances you would like to share?
Excuse me, by psych test, I mean psychological examination.
I did not think it was real eather, but upon further reserch, I found that the energy that does exist within and around us has been proven. Our brains even work on energy.
Oh, I said nothing about being psychic, I was talking about energy.