What is opening the third eye chakra? Do you see another demention or plane of reality? Does it allow you to use psychic powers your brain has not been able to use up until unlock? Would you be able to see magical creatures like fairies or dragons or whatnot or is that something else? Would taking LSD help open your third eye? Are there multiple third eyes? I’ve heard there are three different ones to unlock (I might be getting this confused with something else)?

Don’t go and tell me stupid offences like “THOSE THINGS DON’T EXIST HAHAHAHAHAHA” It’ll just irritate me, just because you don’t let it be real doesn’t mean it isn’t. Also telling me that Jesus is the Way and Magic is Evil also kinda irks me, but not as much. Please be mature, I respect all beliefs, trying to understand something about this chakra or eye.

Answer any question I asked, answer as many questions as you can. Any info is awesome, so answer it up!
I listen to Tool actually and wanted to go to a Tool Concert tomorrow. I actually think that the song Third Eye by them is all about taking LSD and it forcefully opening one’s third eye. I’m trying to find out if this is bad or good really, or if opening one’s third eye naturally is good at all. I heard that opening your third eye could just really be good control of your penal(sp) gland in your brain which releases DMT. Is that all right?
Yeah, Why should I be afraid to open my Third Eye? What are the cons?