I left home for college when I was 17.
Since leaving home I have experienced severe paranormal activity (if that’s the correct term) throughout this time (since leaving home) I have experiences which include: growling in my ear, pressure on my back and not being able to move/breath, prodding in my side, sexual activity, my hair being moved to behind my ear, my back being stroked….. it goes on! I have also witnessed obscure faces flying around my rooms (before you say it, I have never taken any form of drugs in my life and I don’t drink in access!).
My mother was very involved in meditation/yoga and the powers of belief… not sure if this has any relation?

I have been told that I have ‘abilities’ what this means I’m not sure, but if it is what I think this is then it frightens me to death (I don’t want to know)

I am an adult of 44yrs and I’m sacred and not sure whtat to do….. ?