Mormons: How do you explain DNA evidence that American Indians are not descended from the Hebrews?


“DNA evidence shows that the ancestors of early American settlers came from Asia, not the Middle East.”

Do you have an explanation for this? Or do you agree with this statement:
“But religion ultimately does not rest on scientific evidence, but on mystical experiences. There are different ways of looking at truth,”

If so, do you really think God would want you to believe something contrary to reality? Contrary to what is demonstrably true, scientifically?

American Indian Mormons in crisis of spiritual identity

Sam I am not a Mormon, I am a Christian wondering how Mormons can believe something so demonstrably false.
Sam, I attend a non-denominational Church though I have been a Catholic, an Episcopalian, and a Lutheran in the past. I have multiple versions of the Holy Bible in my home: NIV, KJV, NASB, Net Bible etc. The one I read most often is the NIV


Of the 4 or 5 possible scenarios where the majority of American Indians could have Near Eastern paternal ancestors, my current favorite is this. Many Native Americans typed as Q1a3a are actually Q1a3b. The mutation the seperates these two lineage groups is called M323. I have read a number of DNA studies focused on Americans of pre-Columbian origin and none of them have listed M323 as one of the mutations tested for.
1. The Q1a3b Y-chromosome haplogroup includes 15% of Yemenite Jews. (Shen 2004)
2. The Q1a3a Y-chromosome haplogroup includes 30% of American Indians and about 4% of Latinos in the US, (Hammer 2005)
3. The Q1a3b haplogroup has never been found in a non-Jewish population which means that, at present, it is an Israelite marker.
4. According to Yemenite Jewish folk history, a group of wealthy Israelites left Jerusalem for Yemen in 629 BC when they heard Jeremiah predict the destruction of the temple.
5. The Q1a3a marker in American Indians is typically identified by testing positive for 2 mutations (M242 and M346) and negative for 1 mutation (M3). However, if you performed the same tests on a Yemenite Jew who belonged to the Q1a3b haplogroup you would get the same results; positive for M242 and M346 and negative for M3. You would test for the M323 mutation in order to find the difference.
Until a reasonable search is made for the M323 mutation in populations of pre-Columbian American origin a direct link between the Middle East and pre-Columbian Americans via the Q1a3b haplogroup can not be dismissed.

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