So I have done meditation a few times and self hypnosis mostly to build my confidence. I should note here that I have never been into spiritual or New Age stuff. I am not sure which one caused it but at somepoint I lost all thoughts. Some may call this inner peace. I feel anything but inner peace, I feel partly dead because of those random inner thoughts have been silenced. I often have no thoughts through out the day unless I get thinking about something. I feel like part of me has gone and I feel down about this. I am glad I don’t feel like a Zen monk who is free from all desires and emotion. I still remember my past memories, think about the future, feel emotion, worry, laughter, lust, upset, anxiety etc because constant happiness 24/7 isn’t living. I think being too negative is bad as well as being too positive there is a fine line there. It’s normal for us to experience all types of feelings whether good or bad. So will my mind be forever blank and absent of random “inner talk” thoughts? I have completely stopped doing any more meditation/self hypnosis etc so will I return the way I was in the months, years to come.

Please reply because I don’t know who else I can talk about this.