I have been studying Kabbalah through the Kabbalah Center over the phone. You may think I’d be able to ask them these following questions, but I haven’t had much luck with their answering. So I decided to turn to internet visitors, who are Kabbalists and may be able to deliver better answers. When I began studying Kabbalah, my idea was that God is One, and there are no other gods. He exists. He hears our prayers. My idea was that faith was required in God and a complete trust, that He will always provide as long as I am aware of Him and have “fear” of Him. And here is my big issue with the Kabbalah! The more I study it, the more I understand it to be as such: In Kabbalah, God doesn’t really have a certain personality as described in the Bible at all. It’s all coded verses. In fact, God is nothing but goodness, love, Light, etc, etc… an energy that flows through space and everywhere. God doesn’t hear our prayers, especially those we make up ourselves as we “talk” to God. The prayers Kabbalists use, are coded “spells” that simply trigger the spiritual realm, enabeling spirituality growth in many areas, like cheat codes. In other words, the combination of Hebrew letters and their pronaunciation is like a password to all the hidden doors. God doesn’t need our praise. The praise itself is a code that opens new gates to the Light when we sing it. The more we use those codes and “spells”, the more we open gates to the Light, remove the curtains of ego, and better our lives. We can also manipulate the automs through coded “prayers/connections”. In fact, the autom itself is God. It has positive and negative energy. Everything in Kabbalah can be explained and supported by science, because both go hand in hand. So… forget about everything your aba or your ema told you about God when you were a kid. God is nothing more than an energy that can be manipulated through codes and proactive behaviors. You can even wear a red string and be protected from an evil eye….

Okay, the reason I have a problem with all of this, is because, the more I practice such spiritual life style, the more I realize that I said “no God, I can do this on my own. I got the codes and passwords, and can do everything with my own efforts now”. In other words, I lose FAITH and I also gain faith. The faith I lose, is the faith in God, along with trust and other attributes, such as friendship, relationship, etc. And the faith I gain is the faith in all the “spells”, “prayers”, codes, red strings, etc, etc, etc…. This is horrible…. Because I truly believed that Kabbalah was the closest I could get to knowing God for real…

So, I’m open to all of your input. Please dont’ be rude. Be “proactive”. lol