Isn't it true that “One who, possessing desire, represses desire, is living a lie.”?

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Below are some more quotes from the Candamaharosana Tantra.

“The man sees the woman as a goddess. The woman sees the man as a god. By joining the diamond scepter and lotus, they should make sacrifices to each other. There is no worship apart from this.”

“Therefore, one who desires Buddhahood should practice what is to be practiced. To renounce the sense objects, is to torture oneself by asceticism – don’t do it!
When you see form, look!
Similarly, listen to sounds,
Inhale scents,
Taste delicious flavors,
Feel textures.
Use the objects of the five senses –
You will quickly attain supreme Buddhahood.”

“Constantly take refuge at my feet, my dear …
Be gracious, beloved, and give me pleasure with your diamond scepter.
Look at my three-petaled lotus, its center adorned with a stamen.
It is a Buddha paradise, adorned with a red Buddha,
A cosmic mother who bestows bliss and tranquility on the passionate.
Abandon all conceptual thought and unite with my reclining form;
Place my feet upon your shoulders and look me up and down.
Make the fully awakened scepter enter the opening in the center of the lotus. Move a hundred, thousand, hundred thousand times in my three-petaled lotus of swollen flesh.”

‘Who will go to heaven and who to hell?
Insofar as beings die with a poisoned imagination
Those who are free of the power of poison go to heaven
And those who faint away under the power of poison go to hell.
Thus ignorant people go to heaven or hell,
While the wise, totally comprehending,
Attain nirvana.
But if nirvana is taken as mere emptiness,
Like a lamp after a gust of wind,
This nihilism, like the paths of reward and retribution,
Brings enlightenment no closer.
Abandoning all such preoccupations, then,
The aspirant should devote himself to me,
And undoubtedly he will be granted power and awareness,
The powers of Candamaharosana, instantaneously.’
Tantra isn’t concerned about conditioning it’s “how” things really are. To live in truth is to be Tantric, it’s not called the “rocket-ship of enlightenment” for nothing.
Fallen Angel : It’s an honor having you as a contact.
Indian Cowboy : Yes.
There are natural desires and then there are taught desires (conditioning).
Deito : “Shiva without Shakti is a corpse.” The all that is in constantly manifesting, to say it is complete is not the whole truth, it will take an eternity for the whole truth to be known. The Tantra warns of nihilism in these few lines, “But if nirvana is taken as mere emptiness,
Like a lamp after a gust of wind,
This nihilism, like the paths of reward and retribution,
Brings enlightenment no closer.”
Fireball : Then practice with your husband.
Just reading the words of this Tantra won’t do, Tantra’s are to be put into practice…….then the fruits will appear and you will see with your own eyes, hear with your own ears, smell with your own nose, feel with your own senses and taste with your own mouth, you will also find your self limitless.
“According to the highest and most secret teachings of Conqueror this our material body with all functions is something divine and there is no escape from it.”
-Lama Ngok
Milarepa Story


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