A woman had brought evil spirits with her into her home. . and some chic advised her to say some strange prayer, burn candles, and use some ingrdiants. . Isnt that basically a form of witchcraft?? Isnt she basically welcoming more demons into her home???

Would a true christian recomend something like that?
I havent met any christians that light candles for the purpose of prayer. . . and I am not being judgemental I am asking a question. . .
It doesnt matter if they are being used for good or bad. . . white magic black magic its all a sin. . .and we all serve the same god. . And when you meet him face to face you will truly know. I will pray for you!
And really it isnt the same. . because christians pray to god. The only GOD who created this entire place, who created you and me. . .witches. . people who do voodoo . .do not pray to god because it says so in gods word he despised such things.