When I first met her we had been dating a couple of months before she met my parents. At the time I introduced her as a friend and I was wrong to do so (because she was more than a friend) and I apologized to her though I never went back and cleared it up with my parents…it just never crossed my mind because my family is not personal with each other like that. My family knows that any woman my brothers and I bring around the family is more than likely a girlfriend, fiance or someone we care about deeply.

At any rate, two years later she cheats on me and gets engaged to the guy weeks after we broke up (during the time I thought we were trying to reconcile and had no idea there was someone else). During a conversation I had with her recently she tells me “Karma’s a ***** isn’t it…” She goes on to explain that while we were together I told my family she was a “friend.” She says that she felt disrespected and hurt and that is why I’m suffering and hurting now.

She tells me she loves me all the time, every single day but it’s only to me she tells that. But her myspace page confesses her undying love for her fiance (the guy she cheated on me with). I didn’t know it meant that much to her for her to hold on to it for 2 years, never said anything else about it until after she was caught cheating…Am I being punished because I stupidly didn’t go back and straighten out the friend introduction I made to my parents or is she using that as a way to justify her wrong? It seems a bit petty to me and eventhough I know I was wrong is that enough to justify cheating and lying?