This is a serious question. I truly believe this is the payback for all the Whites and racists who voted for Bush, TWO TERMS??!!!! They wanted to keep the typical White racists beliefs in the White House so they voted for BUSH and EVIL Cheney! Otherwise, I mean why would you have voted for them when it’s clear they have no interest in saving the poor or the middle-class? They have vast interest in oil profits and how many times in the 8 year term did the oil companies had record breaking profits!!!!??? And they still root for Bush/Cheney? It’s gotta be the their White’s racists discriminating beliefs that’s why they voted for Bush/Cheney, right?

So this is Karma isn’t it for those who supported for Bush/Cheney, the ones who wanted to root out the poor, middle-class and keep minorities in check. And now it’s gotta be the worst nightmare for those who supported Bush/Cheney because now we have a BLACK PRESIDENT!!!! Am I right?

Karma is a B*tch isn’t it?
To Whisky: I don’t care about your dumb auss hypocrisy talk about how Bush lowered taxes and all. You are soooo racist that you’re delusional. And I can tell you from your talk and this is from the bottom of my heart that I TRULY believe you are suffering because you now have a BLACK president!!!! HAHAHAHAH!! WHAT AN IGNORANT JERK YOU ARE. FACE THE FACTS AND YOU’LL NO LONGER BE DELUSIONAL.

P.S. Nothing personal since I don’t know you and there are several millions of ignorant people like you also 🙂
To Whisky AGAIN: I mean how delusional can you get when you CLEARLY see how prosperous it was under Clinton Admin and now we’re in the BIGGEST hole since the great Depression! OH MY GOD! Like I said you and millions are so delusional from your belief that you’re superior than other non-whites all because of your skin color. I have friends like that, whom I longer associate with since he’s so delusional due to his arrogance all because of his skin color. Let me do u a favor, either you’re religious or not, check out the proverbs, words of Solomon the wisest man ever lived. “pride and haughty spirit before fall….”-proverbs. I’m not religious but I trust others who were wiser than I am. This is my last respond to yo u and I hope you will be enlightened someday and share your newfound wisdom with others who are delusional.

Thanks for answering.