that prooves that we are more than just physical beings. The aura is part of our spirit that’s made up of energy and exists according to quatum physics. There’s also the ’21 grams’ theory that suggests that something leaves the body at time of death. Then there’s those things called nightly dreams that could be subconsciously astral travel, especially when the scenery is more colourful than reality. I had them all the time when I was between 5 – 10 yrs. Also flying and teleportation in them (like the second life virtual world site) suggest astral travel ( OBE ) that suggests survival beyond the body. Then some people who have done this AP have even seen their astral cord that’s connected to their solar plexus chakra. That’s mentioned in the old testment about if the silver thread is broken from the golden cup , death would come.

As for being a terrorist, I’m not that type. It’s just that my prayers don’t always get answered maybe I should manifest like see part 4