i project in lower levels often i don’t like it( there’s sex involved)it seems like i know some people there i greet them they’re all shorter then me it’s nasty place why someone like me projects into places like that am i bad case i know i’m not
no i’m not i have good sex life
i’m hot young and married my hubby is scorpio so s word is not a problem
MIKEY yes there always someone coming towards me trying to seduce me it’s hard to resist but most of the time i resist males and females once i was clearerly projecting floating around it was like a wood shop all of the souden a guy come towards me he’s hurt and he’s seeking for assistance so give him assistance he’s nice but i see his attentions he comes close to me and i have this feeling in my chest area i was surprised even thought it was nice i pushed him away it thought me a lesson strangers often comes to me but even when i go astral i have commitment to my marriage does this happens to every body in astral or……
INTELIEYE i kicked one bad spirit bute but iwas more etheric and my spiritual guide was protecting me i evan saw something on my hubby’s chest when i coming back in my body my physical and astral merge together and my physical is aware what astral is seeing we’re arounded with those entity’s that’s one of the reasons that i’m freaked out something can hurt me in any way’s