Is religion facts or is it just mythological stories used to explain metaphysical truths, let me give you my theories, feel free to judge or to add on.

Note for future reference that the when talking about the snake/serpent, your talking about energy not an actual snake.

There are two energy currents flowing through your body, they are Ida and Pingala.
Ida means black serpent, Ida is negative energy, female and magnetic.
Pingala means white serpent, Pingala is positive energy, male and electrical.

All this is within the word Adam which goes back to Atom then Atum ( an Egyptian deity).
Ida is Um and is where the word Womb comes from, Pingala is At and is where the word Ptah comes from which is where father comes from.

The ying & yang symbol is nothing more than the Ida and Pingala.
Ida and Pingala are the two serpents (energy currents) that rise up the spine as kundalini awakens and unites at the heart chakra.
The heart chakra is what brings them together, it is called the middle path.

Ida and Pingala are the black and white serpents, the ying and yang symbol is black and white. This is not a coincidence, the Ida and Pingala is Adam & Eve .
Eve pulled Adam up to the heart chakra ( tree of knowledge).

Ida is magnetic, it attracts, it pulls. Eve pulled thus showing that she is Ida.
Understand that all these bible stories are just symbolic of energy.

The diagram of Uraeus shows the 7 states of consciousness, which are also the 7 chakras.

It also shows the Ida and Pingala serpents travelling in a circuit from the base of your spine to your pineal gland.

The 7 states of consciousness are:

Interpersonal consciousness
Intrapersonal consciousness
Life consciousness
Sub consciousness
Super consciousness
Magnetic consciousness
Infinite consciousness

Interpersonal consciousness is located with the root chakra and deals with instincts.

Intrapersonal consciousness is located with the sacral chakra and deals with family, reproduction and sexual activity.

Life consciousness is located with the solar plexus chakra and deals with will power, manifesting things through will.

Sub consciousness is located with the heart chakra and deals with knowledge and bringing forth desires.

Super consciousness is located with the throat chakra and deals with expressing yourself and making things manifest through sound.

Magnetic consciousness is located with the 3rd eye chakra and deals with the mental and ruler ship.

Infinite consciousness is located with the crown chakra and deals with your immortal/spiritual/soul/higher body.

The 7 states of consciousness are also associated with body parts which are:

Interpersonal consciousness – genitals
Intrapersonal consciousness -naval
Life consciousness – solar plexus
Sub consciousness – heart
Super consciousness – throat
Magnetic consciousness – pituitary gland
Infinite consciousness – pineal gland