im comfortable thinking that my consciousness is the same one as yours but my awareness or my soul is different. i guess that would me that when i die i will no longer exist as this person, but will be reborn as a new person. who knows huh
when i say consciousness i mean the ultimate consciousness as in the god head. i dont believe the soul is an infinite thing. once i die my soul dies with me and my expierences get added to the god head. it makes sense to me cause i dont think i could live in everlasting bliss for all of existance. which is a very very long time. when i thought about this infinitie as a kid it made me cry, cause i just cant be aware that long i guess. when i die my soul has done its job of giving me the expiernce of life and my expierences will be part of the collective memory or the godhead. at least thats what im starting to believe.