Is it possible for a wiccan or a pagan to affect or control another person's thoughts or feelings?

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Let’s say that a person is wiccan or pagan, can they create something like a love potion to get them to fall in love with them?

Or, if someone upsets or angers them, can they cast a spell or use a potion or charm to affect the other person or to hurt or harm the other person.

What about dreams? Can they affect a person in that way?
I’m asking because I’ve heard that this is true. So, I’d appreciate honest answers. Thanks!


I not step on anyone’s personal gnosis, I’ll just say that Wiccans and other pagans do not have any more or less of a chance of doing such than anyone else: Christians, atheists, Pastafarians, etc.

My religion is not about spells and potions.

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