Is it me or are spell casters/magick practicors putting pictures of their cats on Yahoo Answers?


hmm noticed it happens alot lately…what is the purpose? or am I just going insane?
LOL maybe cuz I’m studying magick practices I’ll put my kitty on too


I don’t have a pic of my cat on here. I have 7 boys and don’t even put pics of them up here. I have a cat named Suki. She sleeps at my feet and stays out of my way the rest of the day. ( Now that’s not to say my man would not put a cat on his picture, he associated with the animal very well).

I have my avatar up here. It makes me special, noone else has an avatar now do they? Well, yea they do. Dangit, that makes me blend in with everyone else. Maybe I am just xtian and I don’t know it. Those Athiests do have alot of creative pictures though. I’m not athiests, I don’t have the time to make sure everything is done before I die. I’m too busy homeschooling my children and teaching them about the dinosaurs and refereeing the big debate of my 10yo proclaiming a meteor hit them and that was it, and my 12yo. telling him that no, that’s how the planets were made, all gasseous meteors from the sun, and there are too many theories on how dinosaurs went extinct that we have yet to know, but he thinks climate change did it.

Na, I’m Pagan, spellcaster, mother, Magic worker, pet owner (Got cat, dog and bunny, and occasionally a frog)
I just like confusing people with my avatar!

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