Realizing desire is one of the binding aspects of ego attachment and in that the awakened state is free of the influence of ego karmic repercussions, how can one reconcile compassion with indifference?
I am dealing with this at a critical time in this spiritual journey. I give no thumbs down but expect my commentary on what I don’t understand.
Thank you in advance for all your help.

I always appreciate your answers and learn much from them. Sometimes they lead to more unanswered questions…which is good.
I see compassion as a half note above love but have its roots in it. Love has a need and an identity in it whereas compassion is for others which fulfill a desire also. Indifference has neither. To repeatedly create karma in the name of desire seems not conducive to a non ego state wherein an action-less action takes place. Karma knows not good or bad it only responds in kind in constant creation. When no one is at home repercussions have not a place to go.
Zsolt H,

Misunderstanding certainly does runs deep concerning ego desire and the purpose in life. You are right we should not try to kill or suppress an ego when we need to recognize it as only an idea so it can drop on its own accord. Constant observation is a beginning. The trick is to observe without desire. As the enlightened Buddha said, “desire is the cause of all suffering”. It makes no difference if its desire for God or desire for love, desire is desire! Maharishi Mahesh yogi said, “Mankind’s inability to fulfill their desires creates suffering”. He also went on to say one purpose of life is the expansion of happiness.
Cosmic Kiss,

Thank you so very much for your time and effort offering such a beautiful point of view and advice. I find it quite pleasant but very exoteric. My attention and interest is more of an esoteric nature. How do you obtain Divine Indifference when separation exists between the ego personality and the divine? It sounds rather contradictory.
My practice of inner vision, as is with the ancient Rishi in history, explores the kingdom within. In deep meditation witnessing bodies both subtle and gross without mind identity is quite fundamental. Awareness in consciousness reveals no such thing as soul. When awareness transcends the relative field of Being, consciousness is left behind and upon return to everyday conscious life, life, is found to be filled with peace, harmony and joy.
Dark Te,

Such a pleasure to hear from such an astute observer.
This natural symbiosis you speak of seems complementary when the lion pounces upon its meal of the day. In my mind, compassion is divided between the meal and the lion. (let it be) Is there a justification element when considering compassion? If so, would justification hold true when not interfering with possible karmic action by remaining indifferent? Tough path to tread.
Perhaps redressing values and bringing balance lies in being a bridge by contributing known techniques of elevating levels of consciousness. The higher they climb the further they see.
Thank you for sharing your light.