Is anti depressants healing ability solely down to your faith in it and the doctor?

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Is this why doctors and drug companies like to put forward that it is a FACT instead of a THEORY that depression is a chemical imbalance – it gives a hook for peoples brains to dwell on so they’ll improve a bit
Christina – could you have been worse when you came off antidepressants because these were the withdrawal effects of the drugs rather than the return of the depression?


I’ve studied psychology pretty extensively, and that is at least to some degree true. Drugs, like therapy, have about a 60% success rate.

There is no scientific evidence that states that mental disorders are CAUSED by chemical imbalances. What happened was that scientists created these drugs, and determined that they do create a change in mood in mindset, and then decided that the cause of the mental disturbance must originate from chemical issues, since chemicals can influence emotions.

But obviously that’s not a sound scientific leap. Cocaine can change your mindset too – but your body doesn’t naturally make cocaine.

As I stated earlier, drugs and therapy have exactly the same success rate. What this suggests is that chemical influences are no more successful in treating mental disorders than emotional influences.

The cause of mental illness remains poorly understood.

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