by Anthony P.:

I am a Neopagan interested in becoming a witch, and I’m wondering where I can find someone to teach me the fine arts of the craft, in Anchorage Alaska. Goddess bless!
To Baserunner:

You dont have to be a Wiccan to be a witch. I dont want to be a Wiccan, because it feels too controlling. I do share many Wiccan beliefs though.
At Forest: Although I am transgender, the proper term is Witch no matter what gender you are. Warlock means ‘oathbreaker’, and is an insulting term. Also, please keep your beliefs regarding the subject of witchcraft to yourself, thats not why I asked this question.

Answer by Daughter
Scott Cunningham is a good place to start.
Many call them selves witch from many different trads. Which trad are you looking for? What do you define as a witch? You have to answer those questions first.
The Craft is generally the reference to magic, not all witches practice magic and not all witches are wiccan.