Hello, I’m 16 years old and have recently been experiencing some anxiety issues and my curiosity led me to become interested in meditation. I found a cheap book called “The Meditation Bible” at a store nearby. Its basically a big compilation of meditations fro various religions. In the book it says that meditation can is not religion-specific, and you can meditate to any deity (Including the Christian God or Jesus). This means I don’t have to be Buddhist or Hindu to meditate.
To my surprise I learned that meditation was really nothing more than deep thought and self-realization.

Now my question is, in Catholic Christianity, is this wrong? I don’t see why it would be, but I feel like there’s got to be some kind of lame “fine-print” thing involved thrown in by the church to limit what we do. I just don’t know what those limitations are..

If I meditate, I may eventually wonder about Chi and Chakra. If I believe in those things, then I’m more likely to wonder about the possibility of Enlightenment or reincarnation. And if I do that, I’m basically a Buddhist.

I really don’t know where my limits are, so I’m wondering if anyone with a good knowledge of all of this could fill me in? Also, what about things such as Zen Gardens?

**The way I feel is if it can help me become a better person with a healthier mind and spirit, why not do it? I just don’t want to put my creed at risk in doing so.**