I'm made to set next to a feminine male at workplace. This annoyance seems to suck my energy out?


I have 200% intolerance for transgender behaviour and my bad luck, I’m made to sit next to a feminine male. I don’t know how to ask for a different location citing this as a reason. Just sitting next to him drains my energy and makes me angry like hell. What can I do?


You should be absolutely honest with your supervisor, and not lie about your feelings.

The same as if you were compelled to sit next to a Black, or a Jew, or anyone else you may not be able to tolerate.

Hopefully, they will be able to find you a place where you would be more comfortable. In any event, it’s really important that they know your feelings here, so they can take the appropriate action.

Certainly, if I was supervising an employee like you, I’d make sure your discomfort ended immediately, within the hour. I would also make a note on your HR file, so that future employers would be informed of your feelings.

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