If the definition of the 'Buddha' is the 'Awakened One' then what are we awakened to?

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Please no circular logic such as “We are awakened to the inner state of Buddhahood” or “We are awakened to the fact that we are enlightened”.
WHAT IS ‘enlightenment’. No Zen quotes either. Just your plain English perspective.


What we will awaken to is the fact that we are living in a dream world
that man, not God, created.
God created man as a spiritual being and co creator to enjoy
companionship. God was still Greater than His Creation. His
creation is changeless, everlasting, wise, abundant, invulnerable.
Part of His creation wanted to separate from God and live on earth.
God did not will separation so it could not happen. But man did have
enough power to make a dream world – the one we live in.
When we awaken from the dream that we are mortal, fallible,
and full of sin we will again enjoy the companionship of our Creator.

Since we were created with the attributes of the Creator, it is
impossible for us to, in any way, sin against an invulnerable Force.
All the things that man considers sin are just part of the illusion we
created. There is no sin. There is no punishment. Only Love.
Jesus was probably the first to awaken and is now our
way shower. He told us to Love God, and to Love each
other, since we are all part of the whole energy called
mankind. Forgiveness of everything and every body
is the key to awakening from the dream

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