If behavior, thought, and consciousness have to do with a 'soul' and are not just biological constructs?


that have to do with the brain, why are pharmaceuticals efficient in helping and correcting mental disorders?

Are the pills not chemicals as the companies state and are instead little capsules filled with spiritual energy, and that is why they help to correct mental imbalances since mentality is spiritual?
(to help clarify)

are the pharmaceutical companies lying when they say the pills are made with chemicals, meaning, the pills really are spiritual things crammed into the capsules (like little angels and demons) to help the person taking the pill correct their soul?


I’ve heard it explained that the brain can be compared to a TV and a soul can be compared to a signal for that specific TV. Now damage can happen to the TV, and limits can be put on the TV, but the signal is still there, unaffected.

So I personally have struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life (wow I am sharing this on the internet, kind of freaky I kept it hidden for soooo long) (sorry for that aside)
And I have heard it said that antidepressants function sort of like a chemical fence that is supposed to prevent the brain chemistry from getting too extreme and amplifying the depression. Personally I haven’t seen any affect on myself (placebo affect most likely). But only recently, when I have effectively been dealing with my mental (and spiritual problems) have I felt the least depressed in a long long long time.

So in short, the pills put a limit on the brain that tries to prevent it, or tries to fix the brain, same with brain surgery and all that stuff. And they can have an effect. But it is only on the “TV” not the “signal”

You see a result, but you haven’t affected the signal, you haven’t affected the soul.

This confirms my belief that chemical pills won’t solve any of your problems. They can just help a tiny bit while you get back on your feet.

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