We can leave our bodys and take our mind and consciousness anywhere in this universe this has been proven by many people. Its also possible that we can go to other places beyond what we know exists…dont you question some of your dreams at times. I want to know why some people think its so Impossible for anything like this to be real? and when we die isn’t it quite a possibility that “we” our thoughts our mind our personality leave our physical body and remain alive. Isn’t this a bigger posibility than dieing and no longer existing at all?

Think about it we can astral tavel, we can see aura’s, proof of mental activity outside of our body? our thoughts can influence other peoples thoughts or our surroundings, ever watched the secret? theres so much proof that the way you think does create the way your life is. so yea It would have to be quite possible then?

If you disagree please tell me why? and then give me a reason to why that is ladeda and see how far you can go?
Or Just tell me your thoughts on this? I love to hear different opiniones.