I am very confused about what religion I actually follow.I’m 25 and have a 2 y/o and I think I need to determine what I believe and follow it. I feel this will make me more grounded and also, it would make me happy to find more out about myself. I feel I am very earth-centered and I have always felt I am a ‘witch’. Although I’m not sure I follow or am educated enough to try Wicca…basically I believe I am a pagan-witch. I use my energy to pray and believe small things like a broom at the door really does work if you believe it and use your energy. Prayer, however has never let me down and I believe it’s a form of Magic. channelling the ‘supreme’. which…i’m not sure WHAT it is, or if anyone can KNOW what this power is that created us. I feel it’s very connected w/ nature, as well am i. I feel we need to act good in life, compassionately, make good choices, and we’ll be fine. acknowledge something is out there and thank it for everything you have, encourage it to guide you.

but as far as christianity…I have tried for 20 years to follow this and believe it..frankly, i’m tired and am choosing to simply follow my heart and realize, there is something greater and more meaningful than jesus christ. he may have been a symbol, great wayshower, who knows…i do believe he existed, but this is not who we should spend our WHOLE lives trying to please. and putting before our own children, even!!!! i feel also, he is way to judgemental. i don’t believe we are born wicked and need to be saved…

HELP! I’m more than willing to email!