A gasoline tank on a certain tractor holds 16 gallons of gasoline. If the tractor requires 7 gallons to plow 3 acres, how many acres can the tractor plow with a tankful of gasoline?

A. 66 over 7
B. 71 over 6
C. 71 over 3
D. 102 over 3
E. 371 over 3

Tantra paintings from India are not only beautiful but ——-: in addition to their aesthetic value, they are used to facilitate meditation.

A. garish
B. valuable
C. numerous
D. ornate
E. functional

If you think the original phrasing produces a better sentence than any of the alternatives, select choice A. (Basically, which other word fits in better other than involve?)

Reading maps involve several abilities, including the ability to locate places, to ascertain directions, to measure distances, and to interpret the mapmakerā€™s symbols.

A. involve
B. involves
C. will involve
D. has involved
E. have involved