I am a psychic in training but need help harnessing my power and get good at it fast. Please help me. I can only make a small Psi ball (i learned from a site) and it only makes my hands really hot. I can’t control it. If some one would really help me with this I would really, really, apprectiate it.

I accidently put it in with physics
Just see it as psychic for me. Please.
I guess I’m KINDA asking for a teacher. I put this question on last night and i was tired. I meant to put it under psychic not physics.
If you REALLY want to know, email me at cubhicbu@yahoo.com
Don’t email me. Here is why I need to harness them fast. There is this guy I know. He can create a psi ball with one hand. Then, he can do almost any thing he wants with it. I can’t stand it. He always teases me about it and thows hit psi balls at me. They really hurt. I can’t stand him. Once, he fell and healed himself. Later I got cut with a knife and asked him to heal me and he said he can’t do that because he can’t heal. I can’t make a visible psi ball just feel it. Plus, I can’t control what it does. It is sometimes to hot or cold. I can’t make a good sheild and i have trouble centering.
I don’t know what to do.

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