i know this girl who is non-religious because the church she was going to wanted to ban gay people and i have told her that my church isnt like that( cuz all churches are different) i honestly think that that is a very poor reason to stop going to church or believing in God. she’s not a lesbian or bi she’s one of those people who want to be accepted by the world and damning whatever happens in the afterlife. she also feels as though there is no universal truth or rather she doesn’t care about finding truth but that kinda makes me die a little inside (no, she is not my girlfriend) cuz its like she’s saying to me “i dont care about wat happens to me when i’m dead” like she just gave up on life…true life not just when we exist but the “Super Life” to be truly happy not by materialism but by everything thats within not the whole “i know who i am stuff” i mean the “i’ve found myself” thing i just need help to convince to come with me on a journey to find ourselves through Vipassana Meditation, its not that i want her to believe what i believe but i want her to experience the true meaning of life before she just decides that there is no hope in anything except wat is on earth and i want her to be even more happier in her life.