I need a new name. Can you help me find one that suits me?

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by Tara:

I’m a spiritual person who can hear thoughts and feel energy when I’m tuned in and my mind chatter is quited, I have a love for massage and everyone says I heal them with my touch, and I just want a new identity so I can feel better about myself and just know that I’m a good person. I know if I have a name that reflects these things, I will accheive my goals in life and be a more positive person.

So I want to change my name to something that means what the amazing psychic told me to always remember about myself. He was the best psychic I ever met, and was so on-key with every single detail he gave. I know that if I change my name to mean something that reminds me of what he said. I will have the confidence and the willpower to go after my chosen path; my destiny.

But I can’t find a name that means what I need it to mean. Can you help me? I need to create a name that means “one who speaks with the eyes, heals with touch, and has been made new”

It doesn’t matter if it’s paired up as a first and middle name or if it’s the name of a character of mythology or someone from the bible who posessed those traits, I just need it. Can you help? Pleeeeeeeeeeease……..???? It doesn’t have to be perfect. I’ll take any answers you can find. I’m just grateful for your help. Thank you in advance!! 🙂 <3

Answer by Arnulfo
get a yugo.

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