I am not sure if it is correct, but I just had the idea, after looking at a heliocentric natal chart, that your heliocentric natal chart shows how you are when you are operating at the upper four chakras, most importantly the crown chakra. Your tropical zodiac will show how you are when you are operating at the level that most people only operate at (the first three chakras) where you consider God your father. So, the heliocentric zodiac relates to you being God (having the holy spirit in you), while the tropical zodiac relates to God being your father (God the father).
After all the tropical zodiac is based off of the planets rotating around the sun. It is interesting that westerners use this zodiac, being that westerners are christian. East Indians use the Sidereal zodiac. The Sidereal zodiac is based off of all the stars. The sun has just as much importance as the other planets in this system. What is the basis of the system is all the stars.
I realized, right before posting this, that the sidereal zodiac is kind of saying that their are multiple Gods, which are really just aspects of one God, or are all just one God. And this is what East Indians (Hindus) believe, and this is the zodiac that they use.
Basically I am saying that all the stars in the sky are Gods. The ones that revolve around the earth at the same speed/time are multiple, but one. Our sun is one of these stars, but our relationship with it is different from our relationship to the other stars, for we revolve around it. So there is only one God, who we revolve around, who we have this relationship with. But there are multiple Gods as well (all the stars are Gods).
Hindus = sidereal zodiac, multiple Gods who are one God.
Christianity (west) = tropical zodiac, there is only one God who is like a parent.

Then the heliocentric zodiac shows how you are when you are God.

These are just ideas, that I just came up with.

By the way, there are cycles to everything, all cycles begin (aries) (birth) and end (pices) (death).
For example, everyone has a Jupiter return where, where Jupiter is when you are born it is in a type of Aries, and where it is in 11 years from your birth it is in a type of Pices. Then, after another year (12 years total) it is back in a type of Aries. (It takes 1 year for Jupiter to move 30 degrees).

But I noticed (in regards to the tropical zodiac), for the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are switched, so for them, wouldn’t the start of Spring be Libra, not Aries. So the start of their cycle would be Libra. Libra isn’t generally regarded as the start of a cycle (it doesn’t have the characteristics of birth). But then again, in the southern hemisphere there aren’t the same seasons really, for example, plants don’t die and grow back (There isn’t a fall or spring).

Anyways, what do you think of my ideas?
Some may be wrong. Some may be correct.

Oh I just realized that at the time the zodiac signs of the tropical and sidereal zodiac went from being lined up with each other to moving away from each other, this is about the time Christianity was adopted by the west to replace the pagan religions.

Maybe all religion is really a lot based on astrology. After all, didn’t the pagans think that there Gods were the planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Etc). I’m kind of saying that maybe our God is the Sun. And the God’s of the Hindus are all the stars. Kind of. All the Stars do exist, and we do revolve around the Sun. So maybe christianity and hinduism are both correct (I know they generally are anyway) in this respect (Our God is the Sun) (Their God is all the stars). I just noticed I said “our” lol.