this topic obviously brings up alot of questions. Please only if you sincerely believe youve reached this state, answer. How do you feel once youve reached this (its also referred to as oneness, true self, samadhi) this is not just “finding Jesus” in a religious sense. I mean what we all seek when we meditate, seek spiritial growth, make the journey inward to higher consciousness. ( Sorry if Ive lost any of you, this is only for those who really are familiar). I want to know once you reach this state, what do you do with yourself. Text keeps on mentioning the cessation of the ego and duality (our instinct to believe that we are seperate from God and must fight to acccomplish our works with only human power) will all go away and we will have a peace that is not dependent on outer circumstances, because we will be looking at life through this whole new perspective. So does everything else just fall into place? Unlimited resources to do everlasting good? Do we act like God?