So there’s this guy I’m seeing…well we’ve seen each other twice and on both occations we had sex and on both occations he didn’t cum. What’s the deal? He seemed to be having a good time…I asked him about it the second time around and he said he wants to hold out so he could pleasure me more….hey more power to him I’m down with that…but he won’t give me an answer as to why he doesn’t at all. I mean after about 2-3 hrs of phenomial sex I WANT him to cum….it makes me feel like I’m doing my job and well! You get a sort of satisfaction…right?

This is a first for me….I have been told I rock in bed and everyone else I’v been with cum’s sometimes more than once…and yet I can’t get this dude to cum once. I’m well aware of tantra but don’t you think that’s taking it a little to far? So guys have you ever done that and why? And girls have you ever been with a dude who won’t cum and if so what did you do to MAKE him cum?
for the record i’m not fat and ugly….hmmm being gay is a possbility..but he’s totally right wing conservative…maybe it’s a front….should i ask him if he’s gay? LOL