by bobbydigital1419:

So I was (seriously) meditating for the first time because my neighbor, a very spiritual lady, recommended it to do so clear out some stress. I have tried before, but I just felt like I wasn’t accomplishing anything. So I asked her for some tips, and she said to either sit in front of a mirror and look into my own eyes or at my third eye/pineal gland area.

So I did, and after a few moments, I noticed that the man in the mirror was changing, and my whole body disappeared and there was just black. Before that happened, my face also was changing, like maybe I was seeing a more aged version of myself. Then my face just went blurry and then black, as did the rest of my body. Also, I think I had visions, of what I have no idea. When my body returned I could have sworn I saw my skeleton or soul or something. I was completely sober while I did this.

So, I’m wondering if anybody can explain what I experienced, or maybe anything else that they should feel that I know. Please no stupid answers for 2 points.

Answer by John D.
You probably just imagined it, when you relax or meditate it can be like hypnosis.