Right first of all I want to say I know there are a few similar questions to this. The reason I know is because I searched for ages and read about other people who seem to be able to do the same thing… however are ridiculed by other people etc

Well I want to say that I am a highly intelligent person, I’m not some kid that has just watched ‘Wanted’ and wants to live the dream.

I understand that technically speaking it is impossible for me to control my adrenaline, I know how it works and I also have an intimate knowledge of what systems it works with and why etc…


I still have this ability… and it seems I am not alone, and I want to know what it means. Im not looking to be a super hero or anyone special I just want some answers or to start looking in the right direction.

For me it feels like this.

I just have to think about it and I feel a cold rush running down the back of my neck, this cold tingling sensation then fills my whole body… it is IDENTICAL to the feeling I experience when my body naturally triggers my adrenaline in a fight or flight scenario.

My heart rate increases and my pupils dilate and I do feel a little tired after it.

Now I know as a sensible person that this sounds fanatical and far fetched, but please take me seriously I can really do this and so can some other people… what does it mean?

I suspect it is linked to the pineal gland due to what I have researched and from my own personal experience of where the feeling starts from (the back of my neck), its ‘almost’ like adrenaline coming from the middle of my brain to the back of my neck and then down, that is what it feels like and I can turn it off and on when I please, my brain is telling me it can’t be adrenaline because I should not be able to control that function but that is exactly what it feels like and my body confirms this to me (increased BP and Heart Rate with dilated pupils)

I’m not crazy and I’m not making this up, I will happily be more specific about it to anyone who can potentially help me.

Please do not answer with any ‘Wanted wannabe your a fake’ type responses, I have taken the time to do this because I honestly want some answers about this and this is a last ditch attempt to see if anyone out there can help
Ok maybe I left that door wide open for someone to walk through so its my fault.

I have spoken to several doctors about this, five actually. The first 4 said it was impossible and didn’t believe that I could do it the last one was very interested and wants me to go for blood tests which I have coming in the next few weeks….

So yes this is a last ditch as I have explored many other avenues…. thanks