I am Christian, is Meditating Chakras against my religion?

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Organized Religions Are Not Interested in Peace

“Organized religions have created wars — just like politicians have done. Their names may be different… politicians fight for socialism, for communism, for fascism, for nazism, and organized religions have been fighting for God, for love, for their concept of what truth is. And millions of people have been killed in the clashes between Christians and Mohammedans, between Christians and Jews, between Mohammedans and Hindus, between Hindus and Buddhists. Religion has nothing to do with war; it is a search for peace. But organized religions are not interested in peace — they are interested in becoming more and more powerful and dominant.

Quotes of Osho, from The Hidden Splendor

Prayer is not the right kind of religion. Any religion that is based on prayer is a wrong religion. Only religions which are based on meditation have some quality of religiousness, because meditation takes you inwards to your very foundation of life, to the source of your consciousness.

Prayer is simply insane. Raising your hands upwards — and there is nobody. When people talk to nobody you call them mad. If somebody is talking to nobody you will immediately take him to the hospital: something is wrong with this man, he was standing under a tree and there was nobody and he was talking and having a good dialogue!

What is Christianity doing? And what are other prayer religions doing? Talking to nobody.

These are insane people who need psychiatric help. And because every family teaches you hypocrisy, you become schizophrenic. You have your individuality repressed by a personality given by your family — you are divided into two. You will remain always in conflict, fighting within yourself, with yourself. You will become two. You can become many, it depends .

Excerpts from this book

I am a Christian and I have getting into Chakra Meditation and all that.

I am wondering if this religion is against my religion.


Daniel… why was Jesus’s life not mentioned in the Bible when he was between the ages of 13 and 30 ? where was he then ?. He was travelling around Asia learning to be a Yogi, to open and balance his chakras & meditate in order to reach spiritual enlightenment. When he returned Rome did not like this and his teachings ! They create their own version of Jesus to suit them and keep power and edit the Bible so we would not know the truth !. Jesus never claimed to be Christ… that it what the Roman Catholic church wanted us to be fooled into believing

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