(putting this question up again as I chose the wrong words to express myself and the question was deleted)
There is this girl who can get into people’s minds, pulling experiences and memories from them under the guise of “helping them”, until they tell her that “if she does it again, then there will be pain for her”, and then she verbally and astrally attacks them. She constantly tries to be the centre of attention, and will “ping” you constantly if you do not pay attention to her, will try to shatter your aura if you go against her in any way, and try to turn your friends against you by making herself the “better option” while slagging you off, all while implanting her own energy into you . Now the turning friends against me thing only works while she is in contact with them. Keep the friends away from her and things go back to normal. I’m not an uber psychic, and all I can do is block her out. What are my other options to make her go away and leave us alone? (more….)
Talking to her doesn’t work. Many people have talked to her already, over a number of years and she just keeps doing the same thing.

The other thing she does is send out her energy, or “shed”. So if you are involved in something she is a part of, then it will get to you and you will feel an amplified version of it, either as anger/depression or nausea. She also refuses to turn her energy “off”. Many have spoken to her about it, and she still refuses. She has just gone and done more reiki, which is a bad idea if your energy is unstable, but she doesn’t care. As I said, talking to her like a civilised human being doesn’t work. Threatening her doesn’t work. So any ideas on what a non psychic person can do to defend themselves and protect their friends?

Most of us just visualise blocking her out, which kind of works, but then she just tries harder and doesn’t relent.
Something else that I have realised. She regularly cheats on her long term boyfriend, though publicly she says she just flirts with people. It’s always a new one every few months. Now, if you just happen to like someone that she also has an interest in, then the psychic attacks are much worse and she goes out of her way to poison the mind of the one you like, so you just give up. She constantly interferes in other people’s lives and no matter how many times she is told to butt out (nicely and threateningly), she doesn’t stop.

Any tips from anyone out there?

She is a member of a club I belong to, so other than that, I don’t interact with her at all. And I’m not going to leave the club because its still fun for me.