How to receive free wiccan supplies?


I have no money so I cannot afford any of this stuff. I didn’t know if anyone knew any site that gives away free wiccan supplies like books, equipment, clothes, jewelry, etc. Or do I have to purchase them? Also Is there a way to get a free wiccan bible mailed to me or do I have to find a free wiccan bible download?


I do not know why people are so rude to others. I’m 16. And just starting out. Like others have said. You don’t need stuff to he Wiccan. Just a general knowledge of what you are gettIng into. Life is like a flower
It grows
It blooms
It dies
It’s your decision as to how you grow and flourish.
Although I wouldn’t mind trying to find someone that can be q mentor to me as I continue this path.
Be happy and not negative You will come across your right path when the energy or everything permits so.

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