How to receive free wiccan supplies?

QuestionsHow to receive free wiccan supplies?
debra Staff asked 10 years ago

I have no money so I cannot afford any of this stuff. I didn’t know if anyone knew any site that gives away free wiccan supplies like books, equipment, clothes, jewelry, etc. Or do I have to purchase them? Also Is there a way to get a free wiccan bible mailed to me or do I have to find a free wiccan bible download?

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AessaMenevrah Staff answered 3 months ago

There is no real Wiccan bible. So no you can’t…

You don’t need tools to practice. Those are props. The only tool you need is yourself. Also simple tools can be made from everyday items around the house, if you feel you must have them – a kitchen knife for an athame, a tree branch for a wand, a pine cone as your God symbol, a shell for the Goddess – Use your imagination. If you don’t have money for books, you can always try the library. But you can find just as much good info online.

Nightwind: Mwa ha ha! Staff answered 3 months ago

There is no such thing as a Wiccan Bible.

Why would people just give you stuff for free? If you feel items are that important, get a job and buy them, or spend some time and make them.

Alternatively, learn something of Wicca and figure out that you don’t NEED anything.

Pretty much any Wiccan download is going to be illegal. People write books to make money. Those works are copyrighted.

~*FloweringWind*~ Staff answered 3 months ago

Nature. Nature is the best source for “Wiccan supplies.” The tools and whatnot aren’t necessary, though they are nice to use. There is no such thing as a “Wiccan bible.” If you mean Book of Shadows, then you write your own if you’re practicing as a solitary.

LamiaBella Staff answered 3 months ago

Do you live near a library? If you have no money then that’s all you’ve got at your disposal. As long as you live in an open-minded area, your local library will probably have some of the most common books on Wicca. If not, you can always go to the book list here: and use your library’s request-a-title resources to have them order some of them in. Wicca is about learning and most Wiccans agree that learning should be free (or not cost anything more than a small amount to cover a rental space). Other than that you’ll have to get a job and buy your books like the rest of us (most recent publications are copyrighted and, as such, you can’t just download them). Of all of these books, none of them is a Wiccan Bible. We don’t have one of those. You might come across some books with the title containing the word bible, but they’re using that in a light, kidding way much the same as one of the girls from Sex in the City might say that Cosmo (magazine) is their bible.

The internet is basically useless aside from a few good, rational sites that take a serious look at the basics like (a specific branch of Wicca, not a generalisation) and These sites will not tell you how to practise, nor do they go into much detail, so you’ll still need to use books.

Equipment is not necessary. Your altar can be a shoebox with some tealights, as long as your heart is in the right place. Ornate tools and statues are pointless if you don’t know why you’re using them so leave those until you’ve got a solid understanding of your faith and the theory of the rituals that are included in that faith.

There is no such thing as Wiccan clothing. I once saw a cute shirt at a local new age shop that said “I weigh the same as a duck!” but that suggests that you are a witch, or a Monty Python fan, not a Wiccan. If you’re thinking black, voluminous clothing, you’re thinking Mediaeval or Renaissance Goth – not Wiccan. You can’t get clothes for free unless you are the recipient of some sort of organised charity and really in need. Also, what constitutes Wiccan jewellery is sort of subjective. If a pentacle charm on a necklace has religious significance for you, then that is a Wiccan necklace. If you just like stars, not so much. Just like clothes, you can’t get that sort of thing for free.

You can be a Wiccan on a budget (or with no money at all), you just have to be smart and resourceful about it. Nothing is free in this world and that is especially true of superfluous trinkets. My advice would be to hit up your local library, go on a nature walk to gather some things to put on your altar and read, read, read before you go picking up elaborate knives and statuettes without knowing their significance. If you already have a job or allowance, then start prioritising and budgeting your finances and putting aside some money each month for a new book.

MSB Staff answered 3 months ago

There is no Wiccan Bible.

You don’t need to buy tools or jewelry to begin practicing Wicca.

If you want to collect them, you don’t need money. A cup from the cupboard. A small ashtray for incense. A stick for a wand… you want to get fancy, make your own stuff or buy things from garage sales.

While lots of vendors and craftsmen sell their wares, there is no religious mandate that says you have to buy them.

Wiccans don’t seek converts… we don’t raise money to try and “spread the word” by offering free stuff.

If you want books, try the library (inter-library loans as well), or used book stores.

LabGrrl Staff answered 3 months ago

I have no idea what you mean by “this stuff”?

A notebook, a pencil? You can get those for free if you ask around.

Scarlet MacBlu Staff answered 3 months ago

First of all, there isn’t really a “Wiccan Bible.” Well, scratch that, there is a book titled “A Wiccan Bible” by the Farrars but it’s not a key resource for most Wiccans… it’s just the experiences and teachings of one group and doesn’t reflect a majority of modern Wicca.
And no. You have to buy it if you want a bookshelf-quality copy. Wiccans aren’t like the Gideons. They don’t go around trying to convert folks.

Secondly, you don’t need “supplies” to practice Wicca. It’s a religion, not a hobby. You don’t need supplies and equipment to be Wiccan or learn Wicca.
You probably do need some kind of teacher or book. You might find teacher on The best book for someone without a teacher to learn about Wicca is “Wicca, a Guide for the Solitary Practitioner” by Scott Cunningham. Again, if you want a bookshelf-quality version of that, you’ll have to buy it. You can find very cheap copies of some books like the ones by Farrar or Cunningham by searching online. You can find some books for pennies or dollars.
As far as other supplies goes, usually no one gives away free clothes and jewelry. In fact, when it comes to Wiccan practice, clothing is quite optional!
Not sure what other equipment you think you need. If you do decide that you need tools, you can probably find suitable implements in your home already. Also, you could find them out on a nature-hike for free or make them yourself by using stuff you already have.

If all else fails and you simply MUST have some shmancy-dancy athame or cauldron for some reason, haunt sites like or Craigslist and keep your eyes peeled for something that will work for you.

Doc Bill Staff answered 3 months ago

There is no such thing as a Wiccan bible. You do not need a pile of elaborate supplies and equipment. What you need is a short book on the topic. You can find an inexpensive one in the New Age section in your local Barnes & Noble.

debra Staff answered 3 months ago

love it

shadow Staff answered 3 months ago

iive always wondered if people that decided that wiccan wasnt for them gave away there stuff, people dont have to be so rude wen someone asks a simple question…

Liliah Staff answered 3 months ago

You must be very young. Google solitary witch, and you will learn what you need to know. You don’t need anything to practice it. In fact, you just need your knowledge. Which you appear to have none of.

Wolfbrother Staff answered 3 months ago

Do a Google search for Gardnerian Book of Shadows PDF or Alexandrian Book of Shadows PDF and you will find a pdf file of these respective books that you can then save to your hard drive. If you are a solitary male, I recommend trying to locate the book When I See the Wild God, by Ly De Angeles. I was able to find it through my local library system, and it helped me immensely. I suggest reading as many books as you can find on the subject, as Wicca is not a “standardized” religion, and every coven has it’s own practices. For instance, I personally don’t recommend the writings of Raven Silverwolf, as I found her teachings to be somewhat “hokey”. But of course this is a personal opinion and as such must be taken with a grain of salt. I am sure there are plenty of Wiccans out there who revere the works of Silver Ravenwolf. As for implements, I don’t feel that they are necessary. My most potent rituals have been those performed on the fly whilst on a hike or camping trip without any of the ritual paraphernalia that I keep in my nemed at home.

a firend Staff answered 3 months ago

i think people are being very rude he this is not what wica is about the soul purposes of wica is to improve your way of life and to help others if they so desier. what many of you people have done here is demine this child we were all beginers once and probly asked these same questions unless born into the practice so i say to this child follow the instructions in previous replys but ignor the negitive attitudeds and there is free wican suplies everywhere you just need to look around prefeably not on the internet i say this from experiance

Lara Staff answered 3 months ago

Sadly, there’s no such thing as getting things free. Only from nature do you get things free. But it’s okay. You can download PDF books on Wicca, you can research how to make your own tools, such as Goddess Prayer Beads.
Not many libraries will have wiccan books. So the internet is the best bet.
The cool thing about Wicca is you can make your own stuff. By doing this, your energy goes into the object and makes it more personal. You can make your own spells, youw own tarot cards, God and Goddess statues out of clay, etc. Wicca is like an individual thing. If it’s your own, it’s more magical. Like spells, for example. If you make your own spells, they usually work better. (And of course, if the spells you cast don’t work, don’t worry. It takes time to discover yourself and your full potential)
If you’re a beginner, I suggest you Google the Wiccan creation myth as well as Wicca’s general beliefs. I’ve been a wiccan for a few years and every day I’ll learning something new.
FYI, I’m glad you asked. People shouldn’t be so unsure about asking questions. And I’m sorry you had some harsh replies.

Blessed Be

Becca Staff answered 3 months ago

What most of you have done here is wrong . I cannot believe how mean some of you have been. If i were new to the Craft and had asked this publicly and gotten these responses i would not have accepted this religion easily. So the person doesnt know anything about Wicca yet They asked wich is the first step. Dear do not be demoralized its ok to be honest i thought this very same question myself. As others have said Search pdfs online Silver Ravenwolf and Scott Cunningham are to very good authors for beginners

Jonathan Staff answered 3 months ago

I do not know why people are so rude to others. I’m 16. And just starting out. Like others have said. You don’t need stuff to he Wiccan. Just a general knowledge of what you are gettIng into. Life is like a flower
It grows
It blooms
It dies
It’s your decision as to how you grow and flourish.
Although I wouldn’t mind trying to find someone that can be q mentor to me as I continue this path.
Be happy and not negative You will come across your right path when the energy or everything permits so.

stephanie Staff answered 3 months ago

I agree with Shadow….As someone who lives by Wicca, I’m kind of shocked and a little disappointed in most of the responses back to her. There is no reason to jump her like that. All you needed to say was that the Library works wonders, give her the Authors & Titles(Cunningham, Buckland, and my all time favorite and one I feel that all should have..”To Ride a Silver Broomstick”~Silver RavenWolf)of the ones that are most accredited, and maybe offer her some kind words and well wishes. I guess some of you think that you’re better than her because you’re more educated on the subject than her. What happened to all the Harmony & Peace?

Blessed Be…:0)

Teresa Staff answered 3 months ago

I found this page very helpful in a lot of ways. I think it’s a good idea not to need supplies, but to use everyday house hol objects to make your tools. I live in an opened minded area, but some people still just don’t understand Wicca at all

Teresa Staff answered 3 months ago

I found this page very helpful in a lot of ways. I think it’s a good idea not to need supplies, but to use everyday house hol objects to make your tools. I live in an opened minded area, but some people still just don’t understand Wicca at all. There is one thing that keeps coming to me over and over again. Well it’s not so much a thing, but a person. What do you do about sometjing like that. Do you respond to it or Do you just let it go until you are ready to deal with it.

A Friend Staff answered 3 months ago

Hey night wind, first of dude, you dont know if this girl has a disablitly or not, so dont ever tell someone they need a job! have you looked at the circumstances americans are going thru?? evidently not, considering anywhere you go jobs are scarce, and americans are forced to live off welfare cuz of this, and iffen you are wiccan, you wouldnt be judging others about there lack of being without… so reallly in all reality, if your name aint Obama and you can fix america and the economy, you dont have room to be telling her anything like that!! thats rude and you are just like any other american with a job, think you are better and those less fortunate then you are scum! grow up and change your ways or you are your own biggot of the religion and have no right to judge anyone or anything when you are Wiccan?? last time i read a book if you are wiccan you dont act like others are scum!

Jewel Staff answered 3 months ago

I could not agree more. My grandmother is the one who taught me what I know about Wicca, and she has always told me that just because some people will have more experience and knowledge on the subject doesn’t make me any less worthy of the God and Goddess’s love. I think that any one who feels a connection to Them will find all that they are looking for. Blessed Be to those of you who were kind and helpful and sham on those of you who have seemed to have forgotten what Wicca is truly about.

GDS Staff answered 3 months ago

You do not decide to become wiccan. It is not a fleeting fancy. You to not become wiccan because “it’s in” or because a friend is doing it. Don’t waist money on anything. It isn”t wiccan to waist money on any thing. Waisting money just hurts mother earth.

StormyRaven Staff answered 3 months ago

AessaMenervah is totally right! You are a good person and know your stuff. Keep up the good influences you have coming your way! I don’t know you but, you make me proud to be me.
As for the young lady, AessaMenevrah is right use whatever you can come up with. We wiccans are known for our creativity, just open your mind and grab what calls to you. Good Luck Luv

tanya teal Staff answered 3 months ago

u know what, ive been studying wicca for months now, if u want the nice wands, etc u do have to buy, but it’s always best to collect things from nature, you will feel more of a connection to your things and to mother nature. if u cant afford a amulet to put on ur alter draw it on paper, an alter can be a small little table or cofee table, and any table cloth of choice or none at all. pine cones, rocks, branches, flowers, anything from outside will do. and u people on here are very rude. i thought wiccans were not supposed to do harm!!!!!!! and let me tell u words are def. harm. choose ur words carefully. if u dont believe then keep ur words to urself

Ariela Staff answered 3 months ago

It is rather saddening to feel so much negativity written in some of the comments posted. In answer to the girl who posted the original post, there are numerous written works out there, which people consider to hold ‘biblical’ value, but as such there is no bible. Wicca is a religion and similar to others religions, there is a book which each witch follows, which is simply the book of shadows – a learning journal if you will, for a witch to record spells. As LamiaBella and Jonathan have said, Wicca is a journey of knowledge, and there are various branches of Wicca to consider. I would suggest following the path your heart tells you.

As for equipment, the only tool you really need is yourself and the knowledge you have. Don’t spend what you don’t have!

trevor Staff answered 3 months ago

ok i heard from someone that a wiccan book must be givin to u as a gift in order for it to work… what i wanna know… is that true? this person also said no one must read and or touch ur books and if they may and try to cast a spell… that spell will come back on u 10 times harder….. and does any one know where to get the supplies they ask for out of the book? and please if ur gonna be rude dont even reply to my question please

I Care Staff answered 3 months ago

Hey Nightwind, I just have to say, that you are a disgrace to human kind. People like you who have no regard for other people and their feelings, and situations, are why our world is going to crap!!! And if you are in fact a Wiccan, maybe YOU NEED to spend some time learning something of Wicca! No Wiccan I know would ever be so rude and disrespectful to another person. Especially when they have no idea the other persons situation! And for your information, there are still good people in this world, (unlike you) that are willing to help people in need. I know this first hand, because there are people bringing our family a free Thanksgiving dinner, because I have been out of work for almost 10 months due to a serious health issue, and I have 4 children and only having one income has made for some rough times. My family and I have also helped other people in need by giving them clothes, and buying groceries and taking them to them and their children when we were able too. And if you do some research their are religions that will upon request send people free copies of Bibles, Qur’ans, and other religious reading materials! I think that maybe you need to spend more time rededicating your self as a Wiccan, and less time posting rude things to people you don’t know!!

SilverWolfe Staff answered 3 months ago

Dear Seeker and those knowledgeable alike,
This was an interesting few minutes to read what you all had written. I was once new too and thought I needed all kinds of “stuff” to practice. Why? because everything you read tells you that you need this supply or that supply. In reality I have practiced for the past 14 years with no supplies and only my imagination. What a wonder filled 14 years to be able to grow in the path without those restrictions of thisa tool or that incense. To the seeker, should you want a tool or book meditate on it and it will come to you. Seek others of like mind, like you did here. Now there will always be those who are smart, and I don’t meanin a good way. I hope you have not been turned away from Wicca because of all this. Email me and i will gladly do my best to help you out.
Very Blessed Be-SilverWolfe

tpayne boy1 Staff answered 3 months ago

yes stephanie is 100% on the should be wecomeing her 2 the craft an not makeing it harder then it is..

Lisa Staff answered 3 months ago

Wow, wish I would have been around for this , If you are still in need , I make all of my own supplies and would be happy to share , or make something for you …

SHOBHA Staff answered 3 months ago

I agree with those who said that the library is the best place to start. Scott Cunningham’s Wicca and Living Wicca are two very good and simple books to start with. I was a bit overwhealmed borrowing too manyy at the same time. Good luck. Just remember, the Goddess and God is in your heart. And, you have most of the tools right in your home. If you do need books of your own, and do not want to spend a lot, go to ABE BOOKS.COM. Their prices are reasonable. The internet is also a good source for information. So good luck again and blessed be.

HavensClan Staff answered 3 months ago

What happened to “Harm None” ? Just saying is all. There are wiccans in your community that will share supplies and lend out books for you. Do some research in your area and start interacting with others to find out who you can talk to.

Blessed Be

Damiana C. Staff answered 3 months ago

unfortunatley, ive never seen any free “supplies”. but if you want to become more immersed in Wicca, you should google wiccan covens near to where you live. odds are, you may be able to join one.

Chr0nicQueen Staff answered 3 months ago

so most people are saying the same thing there is no wiccan bible, there is not one specific bible but there are bibles for witches reflicting on certain wiccan pratices, there are many different kinds of wiccan that all practice things differently, the best thing to do i have found is research a little on all kinds and come to your decision on what you believe in yourself which can be a challenge to practice wicca with other witches in a coven or whatever else but that does not mean you have to practice alone. i also am like you and would like to have all my tools but they are not necessary i have found and can be quite expensive but making your own tools like your wand and even candles is better than anything bought, it is filled with your own energy and the earths and nothing else, make sure to cleanse and anoint your items/candles before you practice and keep your tools away from other people and even leave a note to leave alone, you want to keep your energy in your tools and no one elses. as for books and such i find it helps me truly understand the meaning to be a wiccan and keeps me in tune with all of the elements and really helps, you may have to do some searching but you can find many books second hand very cheap, but there is also so much info online its crazy feel free to email me if you want any links, i dont feel like searching around right now but i have a few bookmarked, [email protected], just leave a title to it saying wicca or something like that so i will read it. all the best to you in your search for your highpowers. blessed be.

Rhiannon Kamila Jez-pur Staff answered 3 months ago

That is very nice of you Lisa, I am a beginner and though I have been fortunate to have gotten some supplies, I would be most grateful for any guidance in making things that I need and don’t have as of yet. I am quite surprised by the rudeness I have heard here I believe that if you do something nice it comes back three fold, just as it does if you do harm. some people would do well to remember that. If this was the first thing I read I would be very discouraged, I hope that person finds the path in spite of the meanness here not the Wiccan welcome I expected to hear from anyone who is true. Blessed be. Rhiannon

Blaidd Poetess Staff answered 3 months ago

wow! ya kno, all i have is pen n 2 notebooks, 1 is my BOS and the other is my Grimoire. the BOS is for your thoughts, dreams, spells you have tried and the outcomes, you can put your spells in it or you can use the Grimoire for your spells. candles are pretty cheap if you go to a place like AC Moore or dollar stores. but your own self is all you need sweetie. ignore what that other person said about a job! he/she is naive! ~Blaidd Poetess~

Kaila Staff answered 3 months ago

There is a site that lets you do some wiccan lessons for free, go to
Blessed Be

LunarButterfly Staff answered 3 months ago

Merry meet !! I do have to agree that you have received quite a few horrible replies, but in my opinion it is our responsibility as Wiccans to change the negative into positive. Perhaps seeing how ignorant and hurtful their remarks were will help them grow into a more caring person. The book I started with was Scott Cunninghams Wicca, Guide for the solitary practitioner.. It is a good starting point in my opinion, however the book I am currently reading is Wiccan beliefs and practices by Gary Cantrell, it seems to help me better understand the origins of Wicca and explain more in depth what I’ve read in Scott Cunningham’s book. While yes, it may make it easier to be in tune with the “tools” outlined, I myself use visualization, as I too am veeeery strapped for cash. I completely understand, how are you supposed to make a cauldron? I suppose a bowl would work, but to me it makes it feel wrong. Ive considered going to second-hand stores and looking for something that felt right. I’ve been searching for hours to find free Wiccan publications such as magazines or visual aids to help me learn about each solstice and such but as of yet i have found NOTHING. I have found quite a few sites, but with a baby I dont really have the time to spend hours on the computer. Anywho, i digress. My point is, as I have found, there are no free publications available, as for the tools, well the rest of the posts have already answered the question. I wish you much luck!
Blessed be!

Harley Staff answered 3 months ago

Sorry but there is a book called A Witches’ Bible written by Janet and Stewart Farrar so you guys are wrong it can be purchased at Isis books and gifts for 28.95 but u may find it cheaper or possibly free somewhere however beware of getting used witch products online or elsewhere u never know the intended uses of this product from former owner if u purchase a hard copy please make sure it is concecrated well before using it I would advise against it not all witches are good keep in mind that
As above So below So mote it be!!!

Tammy Staff answered 3 months ago

There are alot of very rude people out there. She is just starting out. Give her a break. When I first started out was when I was 10-11 yrs. My own parents would not fill me in fully about it. This was what I was raised around. When they seen my temper they stopped teaching me. They thought I was just going to do bad things. I asked my uncle be for he past what was our path. He asked me if I really wanted to know and I told him yes. The way he put it was we were witchs. I said ok. But now most of the stuff that was given to me by family makes alot of sence. When I had to deal with my fathers death. My uncle asked me why I did things the way I did. I told him that it felt right the way I was doing it. I guess I remember more stuff from when I was small than what my family thought I would. If you need help in any way please feel free to get in touch with me. The way I look at it is I am a witch and proud of it.

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