How to do the astral projection?


It is possible to do it at an other person’s body?


Hey whats up man, I have just started my journey in astral travel, I have already experienced 2 successful experiences without trying and this is what made me want to try so I can explore my mind!

If you want to learn how to do it, learn more about what it is (theory’s) as I believe it is just a powerful side of the mind others have many theory’s but it is true!

so anyways what I do now to induce it is I go into a 10-20 minute meditation then I begin inducing a rapid eye movement and I experience numbness and wild vibrations until I go astral

to put it simple everyone has there own method there are alot of basics but this is mine you will need to read 1 book to start your journey and if you are not successful then try a second start with Robert Bruce and you will be on the right track

You will need to practice meditation and astral projection styles for about a month of more some are successful after a week or two so who knows… I wish you continue your research as it is an amazing experience, its not hard to do either… fear is the hardest part so don’t be afraid!

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