I have been really stressed out lately. I suffer from anxiety and OCD. I say I struggle with my anxiety more than my OCD. The OCD has got a whole lot better. Lately I have been having a weird thought here and there…but I don’t let it phase me. I just continue to do whatever I’m doing when I geta weird thought. Anyway…I have been a little ill and super stressed out due to personal issues, anxiety, being a mommy, navy wife, and working full time and still trying to make a career change.

Some one told me meditation is a great way to relax…so today I finally did that. I meditated and as I was meditating the thought of going thru a seven day spiritual fast came to mind. I don’t know why. I have never thought about that before. Maybe God wants me too ??? I don’t know. I have always considered my self Chrisrian although I have nor been loyal or have practiced. I find the lord calling me like every year…well atleast that’s what I think. Seems like every year I go thru some crisis and he always gets me thru it. Today while I was meditating I also thought to just had him my worries and everything will be ok..and he has proved that to me everytime. I don’t think what I’m going thru is that bad. I just really feel like I’m changing.

Anyway…I was really interested in fasting and the best and healthiest way of fasting. Does it work even if I haven’t been to church or prayed in a long time?

Please don’t answer if you are trying to plug a product. I’m not interested. I want to do this with no gimmicks (if I do decide to go through with it)