Ok, straight to the point…I have a friend that I’ve known for 1 year & 6 months. She’s dark skinned, slim, beautiful, smart, big brown eyes, bright smile, long black hair, tall. I’m 18 and she’s 20 making 21 in October. For the short time i’ve known her i must admit we’ve gotten very close. She’s french so its normal she gives me a kiss on the left and the right side of my cheek. And i cant help but blush when she does it. I love absolutely everything about her and everything she does. She makes my day. When i’m with her i cant help but stare at her. We do alot of things together, shop, dance, swim nearly everything together. When i go to visit her she’ comes runnin and she hugs me and gives me a kiss. But I’ve noticed now that wen she kisses me now its muc closer to my lips, or she gives me a kiss on my lips, she holds my hands and watches me in my eyes whenever she’s talking to me. She kisses my hand when i have to go, sometimes i dont want to. But just last weekend we got even more closer then we were before. This weekend we went out at this club called Tantra. We were dancing enjoying ourselves havin a good time, she always dances with me. But a certain song played, a slow song, so we got closer to each other and we were dancing, she held my hands tighter and kissed me on my forehead. Basically for the rest of the nite we jus focused on each other. after the club we went home, her home. She asked me to spend the night, well morning with her because i was leaving to go back to my island (by the way we live in the caribbean)…so we went in her room and again she was holding my hands, we were talkin for a while but then she fell asleep on my chest. i couldnt help but admire her beauty, so calm and peaceful. When she woke up she caught me watching her and she smiled and told me she loves me, that she loves me more then she ever loved any of her past boyfriends, but i dont kno if she meant as a friend or as a potential lover. I want to kiss her but i dnt want to scare her or ruin the relationship we established. I feel that we’d be a great couple but because we’re so close already i’m afraid if we get into a relationship and that the relationship doesnt work out, i might lose her as a friend and a lover. And i really dont want that to happen, i dont know what to do. when im not around her i jus sit and think about her, i miss her so much, and i love her with all my heart.