How do i conjure spirits to appear from the 6th and 7th books of moses?


Below is my story of an unsuccessful spirit conjuration method from the 6th and 7th books of moses..

I reprint the magick seals from the 6th and 7th books of moses,i then re-run the reprint seal with blood ink of a dove and wrote Araritha at the back of each seal.

I then sprinkle six rose flower powder on the seals because i could not find biafra powder to buy before puting all the seals in a ram horn.I fasted from the first day of the month 6pm – 12noon daily for 13 days,On the 13th day at 10pm.I cast a magick circle on the floor in my room using white native chalk.

I consecreated all my magickal apparatus using prayers from the book according to the laws of entrance.I lighted 3 yellow candles in the circle.I recited the gown prayers before putting it on.

On my enterance to the circle,i called upon the angels ruling that hour,day and i recited circle consecration prayers.

I now place the seal of obedience in the middle of the circle.I drew the seal of obedience on white patchment paper because i dont want to make mistake while drawing it on white silk cloth.

I then read the pope declaration.I did the conjuration of angel for that day 3 times from the key fo the six and seven books of moses but he did not appear.

I then proceeded by conjuring spirit phuel 10 times,holding his seal on my left hand and wand on my right hand in the circle but he did not appear but i still recited the dismisal invocation 4 times.NO APPEARANCE with the other spirits i conjured.

I also recited the semiphora with the semiphora seal #2 on my left hand and my wand on my right hand in the circle to collect wind but no strong wind manifested.

I left the circle with closing prayers and thanking the Lords Angels for assisting me in my work even though i did not see them and feel their presence.

I have repeated this experiment daily but no appearance of spirit.

I will like to know the cause of my failure

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My first attempt was when two friends of mine brougth a copy of 6th/7th BOM, and said it belongs to one them, that they don’t know how to use it. And I mockingly asked them what do they need from the book ? one said he needs money to start business, the second said, he want’s love from a girl… I conjured the spells from the 2nd & 3rd seals in the 6th book of moses without seeing any spirit.. And to my amazement in the evening of that same day they both came and testify of wonders that still baffles me to this day… the one of money said when he was having nap in the noon, that he was wokened by noise of rushing winds like rainfall was approaching, so he quickly got up to pack his laundry from outside, only to discover there was no sign of rain and getting back to his room he noticed some drops of water on the floor, while on the bed he saw about 16 bundles of 1000 naira notes which first scared him, but later rememberd what I told him, ”not to be scared whenever he see’s the unexpected” .

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