How do I awaken the 8th Chakra?


I have been trying to open my 8th Chakra for YEARS and everything I try is not working…or is it? How do I know when it is open? Is it just a raising of my consciousness so that I understand how we are all connected? I understand quantum physics…that was part of my past attempts to open this Chakra. Your input is greatly appreciated!
Oh, yes, there is an 8th Chakra! It sits 2 feet above the 7th. It’s a NEW Chakra that we are receiving NOW as part of human evolution. The 8th is the last energy center that holds anything human within it. It is our first step as humans to evolve towards the Divine. There are actually even more Chakras! Obviously, nobody here is going to be able to answer my question since you are not up to date on your Chakras. Demonic posession? NOT!

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