How could covenanted Puritans be accused of witchcraft?

QuestionsHow could covenanted Puritans be accused of witchcraft?
Shadow Storm - Witch & Healer Staff asked 10 years ago

If the Puritans entered into a covenant with God, how could they be accused of witchcraft? Ex. Elizabeth Proctor in Salem was a “covenanted Christian”, yet she was accused. How?

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Shadow Storm - Witch & Healer Staff answered 3 months ago

I know little on the subject because it’s full of many possibilities. It is my understanding that many of those killed were not even witches. It started out as a witch hunt but after a while people would lie about it.

They would lie about people they hated, women would catch their men with another woman and wives would call the other woman a witch and say that the other girl used witchcraft to get her man. The man would agree so that he would not be held responsible for his actions. What many people didn’t know but the possesions of those accused of witchcraft would be property of the bishop. (maybe it wasn’t the bishop but some other person in power).

So during this time certain things were provoked to take land away.


Krista Staff answered 3 months ago

puritans saw anything different as witchcraft. and thier were wierd things happening and they needed someone to blame.
sooo there goes elizabeth proctor

Seer Staff answered 3 months ago

It had mostly nothing to do with a persons status. Back then people where scared and over superstitious.
A 10yr could have accused his mother or father of being witches/warlock to get back at them, and they would be tried and most likely burned.
Most people who where tried for any reason related to werewolf witch or something along that line usually died.

Leona W Staff answered 3 months ago

Superstition, Lies, and Ignorance.

Aussie Witch 50 Staff answered 3 months ago

At the time of the Witch hunts, it was fear, bolstered by The Inquisitions, The Church was losing ground and had to appear in the eyes of its followers that it was truly all powerful…So they began these Witch hunts, in Salem, you could accuse your neighbour of being a Witch, if for instance, you wanted their land, as it was better than yours…This is a very terse version, but that is how it was…

Witchcraft = The Craft of the Wise, and those people who were what we today classify as a Witch were mainly women who knew about herbalism, midwifery, the seasons, what grew when, what to do if someone broke a leg, and the list goes on, they were healers, not, as The “corrupt” Church made them out to be ; as in league with the Devil, which they invented for control…
Yours In Light… )O(

Samsonnette A Staff answered 3 months ago

Ya ?

Rai A Staff answered 3 months ago

Are you familiar with the “Terra Nullus” claim on Australia? The British claimed an occupied land was unoccupied to avoid the pesky issue of drawing up treaties.

The “powers that be” have a long history of re-interpreting their own rules to benefit from different occasions. Ranging from the Government of the day to the “Elders” in a community.

In the Salem example, people were scared, they didn’t understand what was going on and so turned on people they saw as being “not them” – often the definition “not them” came down to “widows” or people with coloured ribbons in their undergarments. So Elizabeth’s status was “redefined” as “not them” as the panic escalated.


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