Discipline requires a doer; an action creating karma. Karma must return to the doer. The enlighten one has dropped the ego thereby stepping outside the influence of action. To create karma to lose it doesn’t make sense.
Action-less action happens through seeing; observation. Inner vision is the deepest aspect of the human being. Seeing requires no action simply open the eyes and vision is there.
My position is the evolution of human kind has advance beyond days of old worn out techniques that require a life time to awaken to what we are not.
Myth Buster, Thank you for answering. Karma does not interpellate good or bad. Karma is the repercussion of all action.
David, I have not misunderstood anything concerning karma. The Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism has been in my collection for some time now. Thank you anyway, I am sure it will be helpful for others also.
I wonder if you have understood my question and commentary. Advancements in the realization of the laws of karma include knowledge of our ability to step out of the influence of karma altogether. No self…no karma.
Rev not a real Rev, Thank you for the URL. That one is not in my collection. The next to the last paragraph says it all.
XK1, I was not asking for an argument or a logical answer. Neither belongs in spiritual questions. When it comes to a spiritual realization of no-self regarding enlightenment and answers faith or belief does not belong either. Avoiding the exchange of words due to semantics is like wearing a mask.
Muthus S, Through your words I see you are confused… Certainly you are confused also with who is saying these things in your answer. However, the recognition of being in a mortal body with senses is not a problem. I have come to the realization I am much more than the physical in the ever changing impairment relative field of Being. I hold no thought of being a child of God in need of salvation or identify with a self. I see Godliness in everything but no God. I will go as far to say only Source is and we all are one with that. Karma is a law of the universe. (Law meaning rule of procedure)
In the School of Life I hope one day you will wake up and graduate from preschool. Stop living in fear and end your suffering by looking within for the kingdom of heaven.