How can one make telepathy using pictures?


I need to contact some one far away… I wanna do it via telephathy. Does any one know how it works?


well if they have email or a phone or whatever, do that cuz it takes a lot less time/effort.

and you can’t just “do” intense psychological stuff just like that. some people are born with a “sixth sense” (not seeing dead people though) and can feel other people’s thoughts or have visions of some sort. If you’re super serious about this, look it up in a library, but don’t expect fast results… say years?

I think everyone has a little bit of a psychological connection to just about everything in the world. Some people can read body language really well, no matter how subtle it is. Other people (kinda like me) pick up other people’s emotions (not the same as thoughts) really well. for instance, when my friend broke up with her boyfriend i felt lonely and unwanted around her, because that’s how she felt.

don’t think it’s a gift all the time though, and don’t get super stuck-up in the head about being a “psychic” or whatever. It’s dangerous stuff, and some people go insane and spring themselves with all sorts of mental illnesses, like maniac depression, schizophrenia, and a crap-load of other stuff.

also, if you don’t know the person REALLY well, it most likely won’t work how you want it to. they may get a strange, annoying feeling of want by someone, but nothing more.

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