I am very into yoga and its belief system, and I find it helps me connect with my spirituality and be closer to God. By fiancee also believe in God (we do share the same beliefs) and respects my love and understanding for yoga and its mentality, but he is a macho manly guy and not so much into yoga at all! I want to propose trying tantra to him, as I have heard it is much like yoga, but I am afraid he wont be into it because its too emotional or something. How can I ask him without putting him on the spot without making him feel weird or uncomfortable? He is not much into meditation at all, but was raised in a very spiritual household (his mom is out there) and has been exposed to all sorts of wacky meditation practices.

I dont want to turn him off, or make him feel inadequate in any way. I also dont want him to be weirded out by the whole meditation aspect of it as like I said he is a macho dude. Any advice on how I could propose it??